Samsung Galaxy S6 Alternative lock screen security – directions

There are on the Samsung Galaxy S6 different methods to unlock the lock screen. These options are:

• Pattern
• Wipe
• Pin
• Fingerprint Scanner

In addition to the above methods, there is still another method who probably know only very few of you:

• Direction Lock

The Direction Lock can be unlocked by drawing a series of four to eight directions. Possible directions are: up, down left and right. This function to unlock the lock screen can be set as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Open from the home screen: Menu --> Settings --> Accessibility  --> direction lock

This can now be enabled by the controller placed at the top. Immediately a small wizard opens that helps you to set up the direction lock. Enter now the direction sequence.
After the wizard is complete, you can use this new kind of Screen unlocking on your Samsung Galaxy S6.


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