Samsung Galaxy S6 background image moves – solution

If you've spent the first few minutes with your new Samsung Galaxy S6, then you will probably have noticed that the background image moves when your smartphone is shaking back and forth. This effect is the so-called parallax effect. It should allow that from every angle the display is easy and correct to read.

However, since the parallax effect is a nice feature some of you might want to disable it on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Here, however, we have to disappoint you, unfortunately. The Parallax effect cannot be disabled with the currently available Android version 5.0.2.

Maybe Samsung will add an option to disable the Parallax effect in a new firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy S6. If so, then we will inform you here on Solvemix about it.

If you like to know more information about the parallax effect, then you can read about it on Wikipedia.


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