Samsung Galaxy S6 became wet – Tips

Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S6, in comparison to its predecessor is not resistant to water. Due to the lack of IP-67 certification you have to be even more careful with the Samsung Galaxy S6 that it does not become wet or humid by water.

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 nonetheless become wet, please proceed immediately as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S6

If you notice that the smartphone has become wet, then the first thing should be: Smartphone off! Press the Power On/ Off button to shut it down. So little current flows through the Samsung Galaxy S6, reducing the likelihood that a short circuit through the water can take place, which could damage the unit.

Dry the device now carefully as much as possible with a cloth. Thereby move the device back and forth to bring possibly penetrated water from the Samsung Galaxy S6 to light. Open the SIM card tray, so water can get out from the device. A protective cover should be removed.

Lay the smart phone now to dry either at an airy place with indirect sunlight or on a heater at low speed. To accelerate the evaporation of the moisture from the Samsung Galaxy S6 you can put in a bowl of rice. Rice has the property to withdraw its surroundings water or moisture, which helps very well. Let the phone dry until you think that no more moisture is in the device.

This can take 3-5 days or longer! The longer you wait the more certain you can be that the water is completely withdrawn from the device. Swaps the rice and turns the smartphone during that process.

If you are convinced that the water or the moisture is completely evaporated from the Samsung Galaxy S6, then you can now turn on the device. Test now if all the functions of your Samsung Galaxy S6 are working properly.

Depending on how long the Samsung Galaxy S6 was in the water and to what extent, for example, just splashing around or really completely in the water, this has an impact on the hardware. If you have followed our advice then the chances are good that your Samsung Galaxy S6 survives the water accident unscathed.

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