Samsung Galaxy S6 black screen – solution

It can happen to you with your new Samsung Galaxy S6 that the screen remains blackafter starting your smartphone and booting the Android operating system. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is ON in this case, but the screen shows nothing. This can have two causes:

Case 1: The screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 is defective

In this case, you cannot do much.The smartphone is an instance of the warranty. But most of the times this is not the problem.The fault often lies in the software itself, though first consider the following:

Case 2: The Android software of your Samsung Galaxy S6 has a system error and the display is not activated

If so, then you have two options to fix this error. First turn off the smartphone. Then you can now try one of two methods:

Wipe cache partition:

Wait until the smartphone is turned off completly. Now you have to press the following keys to turn the phone on again:

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume +
  • Home button

If the Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates once, the power let on/ off button go, but keep the other two keys from the key combination pressed until a small menu, similar to DOS, appears on the display.

Now mark the entry "Wipe cache partition" with the volume down key. With the power on/ off button, the entry can be selected and the process is started. This usually takes only a few seconds. Then the previously displayed menuappears again. Now select the first entry with "Reboot system now" and run the command again with a press of the power button. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will now reboot.

If this method has brought no improvement, then you probably have to perform a factory reset. This resets the Samsung Galaxy S6 back to factory settingsthe state it had when delivered.

Perform aFactory Reset on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

How to do a factory reset on the phone, we have described to you in more detail in the following article: Samsung Galaxy S6 Factory Reset

We hope that one of the two methods has helped youuse the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 display again.


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