Samsung Galaxy S6 block unknown calls and contacts

If you get unwantedcallsfrom phone numbers on your Samsung Galaxy S6 which you hardly known or even from contacts, then you can automatically block them by using the Android software. This works with a so-called blacklist. All numbers and contacts on thisblacklist are automatically blocked if they try to call you on your smartphone. How to use the blacklist for blocking unwanted calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6, we now want to explain to you in this article:

To enable the "Automatic call Rejection" on the Samsung Galaxy S6, please navigate to the following submenu of Android:

Menu --> Settings --> Applications --> Phone --> call rejection

You will now see the menu item: Auto reject list

Tap the menu item and you can then begin to add telephone numbers on the list to block their calls. If you often receive calls from withheld calls from unknown persons, then you can just automatically reject them too. Activate the sliderof "unknown" to adjust the rejection of calls. Finished!

You now know how to block unwanted calls on the Samsung Galaxy S6, originating either from one of your contacts or be carried out by an unknown telephone number.

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