Samsung Galaxy S6 browser does not open a new tab - reached limit of 50

Whenever you use the Android browser while surfing with the Samsung Galaxy S6 on the Internet and thereby tap a link with target "New Window", then a new tab is opened. On the Android Browser a maximum of 50 simultaneous opened tabs is possible. When you try to open the 51th. Tab in the browser the message: "Window Limit reached“

If this is also the case with you on the Samsung Galaxy S6, then you have just to close a few tabs in the browser. This works as follows:

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Open the Android Browser

2. Scroll a little bit down so that the bottom menu bar appears. Tap here on the entry "Tabs".

3. Now you can see all open tabs. Individual tabs can be terminated by the X in the upper right corner

4. You can also close all tabs by tapping on the top right on "More" and then on "Close all".

You can now open as usual new tabs on the Samsung Galaxy S6 in the Android browser without the warning of “Window limit reached”.


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