Samsung Galaxy S6 Cast screen on PC – Tips

If you're ever wanted to cast your smartphone screen in real time to your computer, then you can do it with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung software "Syde Sync". This app or software on the PC enables the possibility to transfer the Samsung Galaxy S6 screen directly to the desktop PC.

We explainin this article exactly how it works :

First download the following applications:
SideSync for Samsung Galaxy S6
SideSync for PC with Windows

After you've downloaded and installed the app and the software, please proceed as follows:
Open on your PC SideSync.

Depending on how your Samsung Galaxy S6 is connected, you can move the slider. Then open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the App SideSync. Your display will automatically appear after a short while on your desktop PC or laptop in a small window.

You can nowcontrol with your PC mouse in this window the Samsung Galaxy S6. Especially when writing text messages and WhatsApp messages this feature is very useful. Because you can also write with the keyboard in the Apps on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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