Samsung Galaxy S6 Change font size within Android

If you think the font size on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is too small or too large, then this can of course be modified within the Android operating system. So you can change the font size in up to seven different sizes as desired. On a scale, beginning with "Tiny" to "very big" everything is possible.

We show you how to change the font size on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

Opens from the Home Screen the menu and then the Settings. Tap here now on "display". One of the first menu items in this submenu is: Font

Tap on the entry and you can now you see all options of your Samsung Galaxy S6 to change the font size or style. About the scale at the top the font size can be changed. Select an appropriate font size for you from here. If you have your choice made, then you can click the "Done" button at the top right within this setting menu to accept it for your Samsung Galaxy S6.

The font is displayed immediately in the size on your Samsung Galaxy S6, which you have just selected. This allows you hopefully to read the display easier.


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