Samsung Galaxy S6 Change system language in Android

If you have purchased the Samsung Galaxy S6 for example in the USA, then "English" is enabled as the default language. Now, however, it often happens that one would rather use a language other than English within the Android operating system on the Samsung Galaxy S6. If that's the case with you, then we want to explain now how you can change the system language in Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Navigate from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to:

Menu --> Settings --> Language & input

Here you will find directly as the first option "Language". Now choose this menu item and it will display to you many different languages ​​that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Android has to offer. The likelihood is quite high that your desired language is on board.

When you have selected your language, then this will take effect immediately. This may come to a briefly slower system.

You know now, how you can change on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the language of Android.


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