Samsung Galaxy S6 Change WhatsApp LED light color – Solution

If you get on your Samsung Galaxy S6 a WhatsApp message, then you can see beside a notification sound a LED notification. The LED of the Samsung Galaxy S6 lits in a white color. This notification light color for WhatsApp messages can be changed on the Samsung Galaxy S6. So you can set for example, that the LED always glows green for new WhatsApp messages. So you know immediately with the light, what kind of message on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is received.

We tell you how to change on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the light color of the notification LED for incoming WhatsApp messages.

Navigate from the home screen to: Menu --> WhatsApp

If WhatsApp is open, tap in the message list on the three-point icon in the top right. A pop-up opens, in which now "Settings"must be selected. Then navigate on "Notifications". In the section "Notifications" you will find the entry "light". Tap on it and you can choose from seven different colors of light, which will shine upon receipt of WhatsApp messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Have you chosen a LED color notification for your Samsung Galaxy S6 upon receipt of a WhatsApp message, then this will shine from now on.

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