Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear unnecessary data - free space

The Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be expanded with a micro SD memory card, which means that the internal memory has to be freed of unnecessary files from time to time. Luckily the Samsung Galaxy S6 brings already a function that searches the internal memory for such unnecessary files and which can delete it. The app, which must be opened is called "Smart Manager" and is installed on each device from the factory.

We show you how to use the app Smart Manager on the Samsung Galaxy S6 to delete unnecessary files and thus free up space.

Openthe app "Smart Manager" on your phone. Then tap in the overview on "storage". Here in the next overview map you can see a button "Unnecessary data - Delete"

Tap on the Delete button and you can free usually up to two gigabytes of storage space. The exact amount can be seenon the top of the memory usage chart.

You know now how to free space on the internal memory of the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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