Samsung Galaxy S6 Connect external hard drive directly via Micro USB – solution

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is available with up to 128 GB of storage. This space can of course be ideal used for the filming of videos in 4K quality. However, the space of 128 GB is also very fast too small, at file sizes of more than 40 GB.

That is why we would like to give you a tip now, with which you can connect directly your external hard drive with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Everything you need is an external hard drive with its own power supply and the following USB 3.0 Micro USB Adapter:

  • Wicked Chili 5in1 Adapter MicroUSB

This Micro USB Adapter is plugged into the Micro USB port on the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can now plug in the external hard drive or a Micro SD card, then you can access the storage via a file explorer.
It is important that the file system of the medium (USB stick, external hard drive, micro SD card) is FAT32 and not NTFS formatted. Otherwise, it may happen that the device is not recognized or is reported as incompatible.

This USB adapter is a very useful tool to copy data between your smartphone and another storage medium.

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