Samsung Galaxy S6 convert speech to text

If you would like to use the feature speech-to-text on your Samsung Galaxy S6, then we would like to explain with which app this is possible. The dictation of text and automatically converting it into written form by the Samsung Galaxy S6 is a useful feature to quickly note down something.

Except if one has high value on punctuation, this is a little bit difficult. The recognition of punctuation does not always work properly. Nevertheless the recognition of speech is useful to quickly bring thoughts to paper.
This works with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Android as follows:

Open from the Home Screen the menu and then the app "Voice Recorder". Tap up left on "Standard". This will now open a small menu. The choices are:

  • Standard
  • Interview
  • Voice memo

Now select "Voice" from. To use the function language-to-text function, you must have an active Internet connection. Tap the Record button and then begin slowly to speak the text. The software of the voice recorder app will now convert the spoken text into written text. This works surprisingly well, as you will notice.

Have fun with this useful function to convert speech into text with the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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