Samsung Galaxy S6 CPU temperature under normal conditions

The CPU of the Samsung Galaxy S6 gives off heat to the housing of the smartphone when it is heavily used. That is why you may notice sometimes in the intensive use of a game on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the smartphone housing is warm.

But perhaps you notice even in normal use, that your Samsung Galaxy S6 housing will be warm or even hot. Usually one has no sense of how warm or hot is still normal. That's why we want to briefly explain what temperatures are common for the processor of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in normal use.

First of all: To analyze the CPU temperature, please download the following app from the Google Play Store: Phone Info Samsung

If you have downloaded and installed the app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, you can open it. Within the app information is now displayed in different tabs. Change here on the tab "Monitor", which is displayed at the end. Here you can see the CPU temperature.

These temperatures are normal for your Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Normal use: 32° C - 45° C (86F – 113F)
  • Play games or graphics applications: 50° C - 75° C (122F – 167F)
  • CPU power is automatically reduced by a temperature over 80° C (176F)

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 has a temperature in normal use at 60° C (140F) and more, then you should check the reason for that. One of them could be a firmware update.

You are now familiar with the various temperature ranges of the Samsung Galaxy S6 CPU and how you can read this out.


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