Samsung Galaxy S6 Create folder on the home screen

Sometimes it is helpful when multiple apps are available on the home screen. This is usually limited by a certain amount of widgets and apps per home screen page.. Therefore, the function "Create Folder" on the home screen is very comfortable. Thus, several applications can be accommodated in a folder on the home screen.

How to create a folder on the Samsung Galaxy S6 on the home screen, we want to explain briefly:
To create the folder you have to drag an app over another app. Do this procedure with the apps that you want like to tuck into a folder.

Once the two apps areon top of each other a folder frame appears. You can now release the app and it will open a box where you can enter a name for the folder you just created.

You can now see the folder (with the two apps in it) on the Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen.
You now know how create a folder on the Samsung Galaxy S6 home screen.


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