Samsung Galaxy S6 Delete home screen page - Solved!

If you have created with the Samsung Galaxy S6 different pages on the home screen, then it can happen to you after some time that you want to reduce them again. You must delete the home screen pages without apps on it. How to erase on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a home screen page, we want to explain in more detail.

First return back to the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Now perform the "Zoom Out" finger pinch on the screen or press and hold the left soft key button. That reduces all your home screen pages. If the empty home screen page is displayed, tap on it keep it pressed until this begins to hover.

Simultaneously, a recycle bin is displayed at the top of the screen. Now drag the empty home screen page in the trash can to delete it.

You now know how to delete on the Samsung Galaxy S6 an empty home screen page.


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