Samsung Galaxy S6 Disable Automatic App update – Solved

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 apps can be downloaded from the Google Play Store market, which is installed from stock. For all installed apps from the Google Play Store automatic updates on the Samsung Galaxy S6 are downloaded when they are available in the App Store. You may prefer to disable these auto-app updates because you want to decide when an app needs to be updated.
If so, then we'll show you now know how to disable on the Samsung Galaxy S6 within Google Play Store the automatic app updates.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the Google Play Store. Draw from the left side the menu into the middle of the display. Tap now on the button "Settings". This opens the corresponding submenu where you can now start to find the option "Auto-Update apps".

Erase here the hook in the checkbox to disable this option. Finished!

From now on you need to manually update any updates that are available for apps on your Samsung Galaxy S6. The automatic update of apps has been successfully disabled.


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