Samsung Galaxy S6 Disable Automatic firmware updates of Android

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 it is set from factory that the device automatically checks for updates of the Android software. Thus, it should be ensured that you do not miss a firmware update from Android when it is published.

Past experience has shown that it is sometimes better if you are not the first to download the new firmware to your phone because there areare design changes, missingfunctions, error messages etc.

That's why there are certainly some of you who would like to disable the automatic update feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6.We want you to explain how youcan disable automatically searches for new Android firmware updates on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

Open the following submenu on your smartphone:

Home Screen --> Menu --> Settings -->About device --> Software Update

Here you will now find the "Automatic update". Push the knob from "On" to "Off" and your Samsung Galaxy S6 is no longer automatically checking for new Android firmware updates. The search for updates must from now on be performed manually.

You know now how to turn off theautomatic search for new Android firmware updates on your Samsung Galaxy S6.


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