Samsung Galaxy S6 Disable Flipboard the home screen

When you use your Samsung Galaxy S6 you will find the Home Screen Widget "Flipboard". The Flipboard is placed fully left at your home screen pages. However, very few of you use this widget, which is why you may like to disable it. We show you how to disable the Flipboard on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6. This works as follows:

Return to the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and press there long on a blank area until the home screen is reduced and shows several options. Wipe now to the left until the home screen appears with the Flipboard. Here you can see a checkbox at the top. Remove this hook to disable the Flipboard on the home screen. Finished!

From now on you will not see the home screen widget Flipboard on your Samsung Galaxy S6. You have disabled it successfully.


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