Samsung Galaxy S6 Disable S Health Notifications

If you are using on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the App S Health and set up a daily step goal, then you get every time you reach this goal a notification in the form of a tone and a message in the status bar. The alert looks for example as follows:

• Goal achieved – you have achieved today's active minute’s goal. Great work
• Target achieved - you have reached your daily step target. Awesome!

If you no longer wish to receive on your Samsung Galaxy S6 these notifications by S Health, then you can disable it of course. We tell you here how it works.
Open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 from the home screen the S Health app and tap within that right at the top on "more". A small pop-up opens where you can now select "settings". In the submenu of settings, there is now the "Notification" option. Tap on the entry and you see all settings that belong to the S Health Alerts. About the master controller at the top you can now completely disable S Health Alerts and notifications.

Push the knob from "On" to "Off". Finished!

You have now successfully disabled the S Health alerts on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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