Samsung Galaxy S6 How to disable Talkback - Procedure

If you have activated the "talkback" function on your Samsung Galaxy S6, then the operation of the keys and the touchscreen smartphone will change fundamentally. Talkback on Samsung Galaxy S6 was integrated for low vision users.

Talkback makes itself apparent that each function is explained on language.

If you have enabled talkback on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and no longer know how to disable this, then we would like to tell you how to do:

The Samsung Galaxy S6 with activated Talkback function can be controlled like this:

A button must be touched always twice in quick succession to open an app or a menu item
You can scroll through the menus or web pages by placing two fingers on the screen and perform the typical scroll movement. Important: Both fingers must be on the display.
To switch between the home screens or scroll through the menu, you will also need to touch with two fingers the screen and swipe right or left.

These were the most important tips for operating the Samsung Galaxy S6 with activated talkback. Now we show how to deactivate Talkback:

DisableTalkback on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

You now know how to operate the smartphone in talkback mode. Navigate now to the following submenu:

Open from he Home Screen the Menu --> Settings --> Accessibility

Here you will find at the section "services" the entry "talkback". Tap on this and you can double tap the controller to turn off the Talkback function on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Confirm with "OK". We hope that this article has helped you to deactivate the talkback function on the Samsung Galaxy S6 again.

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