Samsung Galaxy S6 Display defective - Backing up your data

Unfortunately, it can happen again and again even on modern smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 that the display gets a defect. If the display is faulty, then usually you can’t longer perform actions on it, which of course is unfavorable.

Because usually you would like to back up your data before sending the phone in the repair. That is why we want to show you today how you can back up your data on the Samsung Galaxy S6, even if the display is faulty and does not accept touch inputs or absolutely nothing is displayed (black screen). The guide takes into account that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is usually provided with a lock screen security as pin, pattern or password.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The backup of the data works with Samsung Smart Switch and your PC. In order to unlock the defective Samsung Galaxy S6 and then to save the data, please proceed as follows:

The prerequisite for these instructions is that the mobile data connection or the Wi-Fi of the smartphone is still active. If that's the case, you can back up your data on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with defective screen.

Step 1: Unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 via Samsung "Find My Mobile"

The problem with a faulty screen is often that you can´t even connect with Samsung Smart Switch. That's why you need to share the screen remotely. Simply open on your computer the following website: Samsung "Find My Mobile".

1. Log in to your Samsung account using the left menu. Then you are on the Samsung Find My Mobile Home screen.

2. On the left side you will see in the menu under the heading "remote access" different options. One of them is called: "Share Screen". Now click on the "Share Screen" button. 3. You'll see a progress bar with: Start --> Connected to Mobile Device --> Successfully

Tap above the button "Unblock" to start the process. Few seconds later, your Samsung Galaxy S6 is unlocked.

Step 2: Backup the data on Samsung with "Smart Switch"

Once you have downloaded and installed the software, connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 via USB cable to the computer. After your smartphone has been detected, you can run the software Smart Switch on the PC.

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 has successfully connected to Smart Switch, then you will see three different options to choose:

  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Outlook synchronization
  • Smart Switch backup options

Tap now on “backup” to backing up your Samsung Galaxy S6 data. Depending on how large the data is to be saved on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the backup process now takes time. The backup files are now stored locally on your computer and can naturally be restored at a later time on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

The data of your Samsung Galaxy S6 are now completely secured. The smartphone with the defective display can now be sent to the repair.

If you want, you can also delete previously all data on your smartphone. This is especially highly recommended if you have sensitive data stored on the smartphone. To do this, reopen the website "Samsung Find My Mobile" and then select after logging in the left menu "protect device data" entry "delete data".

Now tap on "Reset to factory settings". If you agree to the Terms of Samsung and then tap "Delete" all data is erased on your smartphone. You have now learned how to save your data on the Samsung Galaxy S6, when the display is faulty and does not accept any more entries.


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