Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a battery replacement yet possible –Solution

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are different from their predecessors in many ways. Besides a new design with glass back and metal frame or in the case of theS6 edge with to both sides rounded display, Samsung has turned away from the philosophy to make the battery replaceable. This means that you no longer easy reach the battery compartment, for exchange a defective or weak battery.

Thistriggers first of all discomfort, especially since we know from the previous smartphones that batteries do not always work 100% perfectly.

Thus, the question arises: Is a battery replacement with the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Samsung Galaxy Edge still possible?

The answer is: Yes, under conditions

However, you should turn your device to a professional expert, if you do not have the tools and the talent for it to perform such a replacement work. Because in order to replace the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6, the rear housing must be removed. Then there may be contact with a board of the Samsung Galaxy S6, where you have to pay attention to thenecessary ESD (electrostatic discharge) rules.
Therefore our recommendation: Only if you are confident in using electronics and the corresponding tool, change the battery of the Samsung Galaxy S6 independently. Otherwise always prefer to consult a profession who takes care of this for you.

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