Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Clear browsing history – Tips

In a browsing history, your browser stores all websites that you have visited in the last time. With that history you can track which sites you have visited, which eventually means that you can find a site faster.

But tracing the path by the browser is not just useful. That is why we show you here how you can delete on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus the browsing history. This works as follows:

Clear history of the Android browser

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Open on your smartphone the Android Browser

2. At the top right you can now find the button "More". Tap on this and choose in the pop-up menu "Settings".

3. Continue to: Privacy

4. Scroll all the way down and tap now on "Delete Personal Data".

5. You can now select which data should be deleted. For browsing history select the first entry "Browsing History". Click on the button "delete".

6. Then the history will be deleted on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

7. Finished!



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