Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus connection problems during calling

Most of the time the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus usually has no connection problems, but it can happen to you in rural areas, that the power indicator displays only one or no signal strength in the status bar. Then your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is located in a network such as UMTS, HSPA or LTE and the signal strength of this network is in that region, there you are at the moment, very bad.

That's why it makes sense that you manually change the connection of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to the GSM network, as it almost always has the best voice quality. Since GSM was the first mobile network in the world, this is the most developed.

Samsung Galaxy S6

We tell you now how you can manually switch to the GSM network on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Please follow our step-by-step guide

1. Tap Menu, and then click "Settings"

2. In the section "connections", tap "Mobile Networks"

3. In the next submenu tap on "network mode", where now the following options are offered:

• LTE / WCDMA / GSM (connect automatically)
• WCDMA / GSM (connect automatically)
• WCDMA Only
• GSM Only

Now select "GSM only", so that your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus connects only with the GSM mobile network. This results immediately in an improved signal strength and voice quality in calling.

You know now, how to fix on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus connections problems quickly when they occur due to the current network.

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