Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Disable data roaming abroad

If you are on vacation with your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and are driving or traveling abroad, then you should consider on your mobile phone if the "Data Roaming" option is disabled. Because is data roaming on your phone active, the mobile data connection of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus is used. This can result, especially outside of the US to enormous costs.

Samsung Galaxy S6

A misplaced setting on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can thus result in significant costs. Therefore please check before your holiday, whether data roaming is disabled in Android settings. It works like this:

1. Open the menu and then the Settings

2. Tap "Mobile Networks"

3. Now activate your wireless connection, so you can make settings in the "Data Roaming".

4. Set the option “data roaming” to "inactive" by using the slider

If you now are with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus on holiday or abroad, then the mobile data is automatically disabled.

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