Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Enable delivery report for text messages – Solved

The text message delivery report is a handy feature that is a service of the mobile operator. The delivery report will indicate if a message has been successfully delivered to the recipient. This does not mean that the SMS was also read, but you can be sure that the recipient has received the SMS on its phone.

Now, if you want to receive a delivery report for sent text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, then the corresponding option must be activated. We tell you now how this works on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Open the menu and then the Settings

2. Now tap on "Applications" --> Messages

3. In the Settings choose "Other Settings" and then “text messages”

4. With the first option you can set the regulator at "delivery reports" from "Off" to "On".

You have now enabled delivery reports on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. Now, if you sent an SMS message and this is received on the recipient's device, then you will receive a message about it on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.



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