Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus How to add new home screen page

The home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus can be extended by additional pages. With new pages you can create space for new apps and widgets. But how can I create a new page on the home screen within Android on my smartphone?

Should you ask this question, then we would like to provide the answer. Please proceed as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Tap long on an empty space of the home screen

2. You will see a small menu, with all active sites of the home screen listed

3. Scroll now completely to the right until you can see a page with a plus symbol. Tap on the plus symbol to add a page to the home screen. Finished!

You can create and use up to eight home screen pages.

You now know how to add a new page for widgets and apps on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus to the home screen.


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