Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus How to display Android Easter Egg "Flappy Android"

"Flappy Android" is a reference to the game "Flappy Bird" and is part of the Android Lollipop Easter Egg, which is hidden within the system.
If you are looking for this little mini-game, but did not find it, then we would like to show you here, where this is exactly hidden.

Samsung Galaxy S6

To see the Easter Egg on your smartphone, open the menu and then the Settings.
Scroll down to "Device Information" and tap on it. You will find an entry with "Android version".

Now you must quickly tap in a quick manner on it until an "L" letter appears. Tap on this long with your finger until the mini game Flappy Android appears.

You've just found the mini game Easter Egg on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.


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