Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Turn CB Messages off – solution

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus you can occasionally receive CB messages from your mobile carrier. These messages are usually local information or advertising messages. If you interfere with these CB messages then you can very easily turn them off as follows on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus:

Samsung Galaxy S6

Open from the home screen the following Android submenu:

1. Menu --> Settings

2. Applications -> Messages -> Other settings

3. In this Android submenu you can now select the menu item "Cell Broadcast"

4. Tap the entry and then you can enter the next sub-menu. Deactivate the option with the controller in the upper right corner. No more messages on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus are from now on received via cell broadcast by your mobile service provider.

You have thus successfully deactivated CB messages on your Android smartphone.


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