Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Save contacts to Sim Card

There are many ways on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to store contacts. In addition to Cloud solutions and device memory, there is also the good old Sim card storage. Here, contacts may be stored on the sim card chip too.

If you would like to save on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge contacts on the SIM card, then please follow these steps.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Opens from the home screen:

1. Contacts --> More --> Settings --> Import / Export Contacts --> Export

2. Select here now as destination "Sim card". With this method, only "name and telephone number" are transmitted to the SIM card. Unfortunately more information cannot be backed up there.

3. You can now choose which Contacts should be transferred to the SIM card. With the checkbox "All" all of the contacts will be saved on the SIM card. Tap on "Done" and the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will start copying now.

You know now how you can save contacts with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the SIM card.


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