Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Take screenshot of the display - solution

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is since a long time the first smartphone that stands out with an unusual design among the many offered smartphones. The main reason is that the edges of the display are rounded. Of course you can make screenshots of this display. The screenshot, also known by the name of screen printing or hardcopy saves the currently displayed screen image. With that function information can be stored very easily.

The following options are available to create a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

1. Key combination to take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

For this purpose the following key combination must be used:

 - Power On/ Off button
 - Home button

This key combination must now be pressed and held for about 2 seconds on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Subsequently, the screenshot is triggered and stored.

2. Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 Edgewith “palm swipe to capture”

To take a screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by palm swipe, activate the option first as follows in Android:

Menu --> Settings -->motions and gestures -->Palm swipe to capture

Activate the option by the controller at the top right. You can take a screenshot with your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge of the display now by wiping the edge of the hand over the screen.

3. Take a screenshot with the Assistant menu of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Enable this menu first in the following sub-menu of Android on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Home Screen --> Menu --> Settings --> Accessibility --> Dexterity and Interaction --> Assistant menu

Now enable the assistant tool over the controls at the top right. There will a small gray square appear on the screen. If you tap on this now, various choices appear. One of them is called "screenshot". If you tap this field within the Assistant menu, then a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is taken by the currently displayed content on the screen. Finished!

You know now how to get in touch with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and different screenshot methods.

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