Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge View edge screen information – Info Stream

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the first smartphone features a display that is rounded at both sides. The rounding of the display, also called side screen, can be usedto display information such as stock quotes, a clock or weather information. This so-called info-Stream can be displayed on the edge screen when the device is in standby.

How you can show information on the page screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Display, when the display is off, we tell you in more detail here.

To display the Info-stream, move your finger on the right side of the screen quickly from left to right and back. This finger movement will now show the information stream on the display of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Important: The function must first be enabled in Android.

You know now how to wake up the edge screen in stand-by to show the Information Stream.


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