Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge words are corrected wrong – solution

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge the Samsung keyboard is set as default from factory. This keyboard has very good writing possibilities and also offers many features that other keyboards do not offer. However, it may be that you notice with this keyboard that words that you have been writing are corrected wrong.

The background is that the Samsung keyboard has the following option also enabled by default: "Automatic replace"

Samsung Galaxy S6

Here every word, for that there is a proposal from the Samsung keypad, is automatically replaced by pressing the spacebar. As you always tap the spacebar after writing a word the keyboard is proposing and automatically replacing the word. Unfortunately, this is often not suitable and texts can be very strange and inappropriate.

We tell you how to disable this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Please proceeds as follows:

Open the menu and then the Settings of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Next select "Language & input" and then "Samsung keypad". Select in this submenu "Automatic replace". With the master controller you can disable this feature now on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Then you can re-write grammatically clean texts, without the Samsung keyboard is changing them.

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