Samsung Galaxy S6 error message "Not registered on network"

Should you get the error message on the display of your Samsung Galaxy S6 that your smartphone is not registered on the network, then you cannot perform any calls or send SMS messages. The message "Not registered on network" is of course annoying, but usually has one of the following causes:

  • Sim card is not detected correctly
  • Mobile Network Error
  • Android system error

Among the causes mentioned, we would like to give you some tips on how you can fix it on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Please proceed as follows:

  1. First prove, whether an error with the SIM card is present. Use the tool, which was delivered with your Samsung Galaxy S6 to pull out the sim card from the Sim card slot. Especially if you use a Sim card adapter, it can happen that the SIM card is no longer in the correct position and therefore no contact with the Samsung Galaxy S6 comes to pass.

Fits everything as it should, then check next whether an error with the mobile network is present.

  1. If the wireless network of your mobile carrier has failed, or a mobile phone access point close to you, then you have of course no signal power. Info about an network error can quickly be gained on the hotline of your mobile provider.
  1. Also the Android system can be the reason why the Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot log in the mobile network. Most of the time a restart of the device or the short activation of the Airplane Mode helps.

We hope that one of the following reasons is the reason why your Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot log into the mobile network.

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