Samsung Galaxy S6 Facebook app keeps crashing – solution

Should you use on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the Facebook app to stay in contact with your friends and acquaintances, post photos and status messages, then it may sometimes happen that the app crashes. If the app crashes and Facebook is no ​​longer be reasonably usable, then you should perform the following workaround:

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 from the Home Screen the menu and then the Settings.

Navigate now to Applications --> Application Manager --> tab "Installed Apps"

Search here now for the Facebook app. Tap on the entry to open the app information. In this you will find several buttons:

Tapnow in the following order on the buttons: (the login information must be re-entered in the Facebook app after this workaround!)

  • Force stop
  • Clear cache
  • Clear Data

Now restart the Samsung Galaxy S6 and type your login information for Facebook in. Finished!

The Facebook app on your Samsung Galaxy S6 should now make no more problems during usage.


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