Samsung Galaxy S6 Fingerprint and pin is not detected – How to unlock device?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be easily unlocked via the integrated fingerprint sensor by placing the finger on it.

Now it may happen unfortunately that under certain circumstances, such as wet finger, defective sensor etc. the own fingerprint is no longer recognized. No problem you think, because there is still the "Security Password", with which you can unlock the Samsung Galaxy S6 anyway.

Samsung Galaxy S6

But what to do if the fingerprint sensor does not work and you do not know the security password?

Here, too, the engineers at Samsung have thought about and prepared a solution. We want you to show how this solution works:

It is important that your Samsung Galaxy S6 is connected to the Internet. If this is not the case, then this can be done by pulling down the status bar. Activate (Mobile data or WiFi). You now need a computer or another smartphone. Thus opening the following website: Samsung Find My Mobile

Type now at the top left at the login window your username and password of your Samsung account. Then you will have access to various features of the portal. Ensure that you have in the top left selected the current smartphone that is associated with the Samsung Account.

Click on the button "Unlock Device" on the left side of the "Find My Mobile" portal. You can now unlock your Samsung Galaxy S6. This works very quickly and then the Unlock type is reset to "Swipe".

You can now examine why the fingerprint sensor does not work anymore. In any event, the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be used as usual now. We hope this tip helped when your Samsung Galaxy S6 no longer recognizes the fingerprint sensor and you have forgotten the security password.

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