Samsung Galaxy S6 Gmail Push Notifications are not received - Solution

If you are using on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the Gmail app to retrieve your e-mails from the Internet, then you certainly also use the function of push notifications. Push notification means that your Samsung Galaxy S6 automatically checks in a time interval if you received a new email. If so, you will receive a so-called Gmail push notification.

Now it may be that you suddenly get on your Samsung Galaxy S6 no such push notification or more only if you open the app Gmail manually. If so, then we want to explain in more detail what the cause may be. Check the following tip on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

  1. Keep WiFi on during sleep - Enabled?

Start by checking whether the following option is set to active on your Samsung Galaxy S6. To do this navigate in Android to: Menu --> Settings --> Wi-Fi. Tap at the top right on the "More" icon and select in the menu that opens the option "Keep WiFi on during sleep ". Make sure it is set to "Always".

  1. Gmail account is synchronized?

To check this, please open on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

Menu --> Settings --> Section "Personal" --> Accounts.

Tap here on "Google" and then click your e-mail account, which does not receive push notifications. You now see a list of options which are synchronized. Here at the option “Gmail” a hook must also be set in the checkbox.

If you have checked the two points above and it still does not work, then use step 3.

  1. Remove Google account and re-add

Open from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Android settings. Scroll down and tap on "Accounts". You can now see all the accounts that are created on your Samsung Galaxy S6. One of them is the Google account. Tap on this and you navigate deeper in a submenu. Now tap once on your e-mail address, and then in the next submenu on the top "More" icon to the right.

A small pop-up opens, in which now „Remove account“ can be selected. Confirm the deletion of the account by clicking OK. Finish!

Then replace the Google account again on your Samsung Galaxy S6. To do this go to Settings --> Accounts and then "Add Account". Now select "Google Account”. It now opens the wizard to add the Google account. Enter your e-mail address from Gmail and then continue. Your Google account is then added automatically.

Then you should again receive push notifications through the Gmail app on your Samsung Galaxy S6, if you are connected to the Internet.

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