Samsung Galaxy S6 GPS position is wrong - updating AGPS data manually

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with a GPS receiver, which makes it possible to determine one's position exactly. Thus, the positioning works quickly on the Samsung Galaxy S6, you can additionally enable the mobile data network. Here the AGPS data is retrieved. The AGPS data helps the GPS receiver to determine your location more quickly.

Now it may be that your Samsung Galaxy S6 can determine your location via GPS only bad, even though you have the mobile data connection enabled. If that's the case, then you should update your AGPS data manually. Unfortunately, such a feature is not availablein Android, which is why you need to use the following app:

Download GPS Testfrom the Google Play Store

Then you have the app installed, please open it on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now switch on, if not already done, the GPS of your smartphone. Now open the menu in the app GPS Test. Select "Settings" tab. This takes you to the menu for the settings of the app. There you will find the two buttons.

  • Clear AGPS
  • Update AGPS

Press them now!

You have now successfully performed a reset of the A-GPS data and downloaded an actual version on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 should now locate you within a very short time.

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