Samsung Galaxy S6 heart rate monitor does not work - Remove foil

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy S6 that the heart rate sensor does not work properly, then please check whether you have removed the protection foil on it. The heart rate monitor has glued an adhesive protective film, which protectsthe lens during the delivery of the smartphone. This film is hardly visible, but can easily interfere with the measurement of your pulse as a light refraction takes place in the film.

In order to remove the protection film of the heart rate monitor on your Samsung Galaxy S6, we recommend you the following materials:

- Scotch film

Tear off a piece of the scotch film and then glue it to the protection foil of the heart rate sensor. Pull the scotch film off again, so that the protection foil sticks on it and is subtracted from the heart rate sensor. This will most likely not work from the start. Several experiments are in regular needed, especially if the Samsung Galaxy S6 newly comes out of the package.

We hope that you have removed the protective film on the heart rate monitor at your Samsung Galaxy S6 with this tip.

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