Samsung Galaxy S6 Hide Weather information on lock screen

If you use the weather widget from Accu Weather on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6, then you will automatically be shown the weather info on the lock screen. If you don’t want to see the weather information on your Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen, then you can turn it as follows:

Open from the Home Screen the menu --> then Settings. In this, please navigate to the button "Lock screen and security". In this submenu tap on "Show Information". Here you will now find the entry "Weather". Tap on the entry and you can then disable the weather display on the lock screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 via the controls on the top right. Finished!

You know now how to disable on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the weather information on the lock screenvia the settings in Android.

Info: Even if you delete the Weather widget from your home screen, the weather display is also automatically removed from the lock screen!


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