Samsung Galaxy S6 How to backup data – The easy way

You should secure from time to time all the data of your Samsung Galaxy S6 in a backup. Only in this way it is ensured that when a problem with the software or the smartphone itself occurs, your data is safe. If you do not know how you can create on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a backup of the data, then we would like to present one of the easiest methods:

Secure the data of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in a backupwith your computer and the software SmartSwitch

First you will need to download the free synchronization software "Smart Switch" of the official Samsung website. It can be downloaded here: Download SmartSwitch

After you have downloaded and installed the software, connect your Samsung Galaxy S6 via USB cable to the computer. After your smartphone has been detected, you can run the softwareSmart Switch on the PC.

If your Samsung Galaxy S6 was connected successfully with SmartSwitch, then you will see three different options to choose from:

  • Backup
  • Restoring
  • Outlook synchronization

Tap now on Backup to create a backup of your Samsung Galaxy S6. Depending on how large the data to be saved on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is, the backup process takes a while. The backup files will be stored locally on your computer and can naturally be restored at a later time on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

You now know how to create on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a data backup.


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