Samsung Galaxy S6 How to change lock screen image - solution

Whenever the Samsung Galaxy S6 goes into stand-by and you wake the phone up again, you will see the lock screen. The lock screen is usually protected by a security method, such as a pin, a pattern or a fingerprint. On the lock screen a background image is displayed. This picture on the lock screen, you can change individually. How this works on the Samsung Galaxy S6 we would like to explain to you in more detail here.

Open on your Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the settings. In the settings you can now find the button "Wallpaper". Tap on this button and you can then select in a bar, for what the background image is to be established. Select here "lock screen" . You can now choose from various images of Samsung or use a picture from the gallery.

Have you taken and adapted your choice, then you can set the picture for lock screen using the "Save" button.

You have now successfully set a wallpaper for the lock screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6.


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