Samsung Galaxy S6 How to Change TouchWiz themes

A new feature on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is that you can customize the design and the colors of TouchWiz interface by using so-called “Themes”. So you can choose from many different themes, which havecomponents with different wallpapers, icons and colors. So you can immediately adjustyour Samsung Galaxy S6 more individual. We show you now how you can change on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the theme of theTouchWiz user interface.

Return to the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Now on the home screen pinch both fingers together on the screen as if you want to zoom out from an image. This will now reduce the home screen and make various options visible. In the options, you can now see a button "Themes". Tap this button and you can now see all the available Themes that are currently installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

You can download in addition available Themes from Samsung and also download themes from the store.

You now know how to adjust on the Samsung Galaxy S6, the design of the TouchWiz interface and how to change or download themes on your phone.



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