Samsung Galaxy S6 How to connect card reader

Perhaps you have not thought about it yet, but you can connect on the Samsung Galaxy S6 a card reader with which SD cards, USB sticks and Micro SD cards can be read. Especially for the Samsung Galaxy S6 (no memory card slot) is this function very useful because data can be backed up fast to an external memory device.

Samsung Galaxy S6

The card reader is plugged in the Micro USB port of the Samsung Galaxy S6. You can then access via a file manager on the connected devices such as memory card or USB stick.
A very good card reader, which supports the Samsung Galaxy S6, is the following: OTG USB Adapter

Technical characteristics of the card reader are:

• External USB keyboard/ mouse is supported
• "Plug and Play", there will be no driver or something similar required on your smartphone
• Connectors: USB 2.0 for camera, mouse or USB stick, SD, MMC, Micro SD

The Micro USB card reader for your Samsung Galaxy S6 can be purchased here


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