Samsung Galaxy S6 How to create a Screenshot - Different Methods

In this article we like to introduce several methods of how to create a screenshot on the new Samsung Galaxy S6. A screenshot photographs the screen content which is currently displayed on the screen and saves it to an image file. Therefore, the screenshot is also called screen print or hardcopy. A screenshot is always useful if you want to save the information displayed on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 quickly and easily. And to record errors of the Android operating system, the Screenshot is also a useful feature.

The screen shot can be taken on the Samsung Galaxy S6 with different methods. These we would like to explain in more detail here:

1. Take Screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy S6 using a keyboard shortcut - the classic method

When the screen is displayed you would like to record and save as a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6, then please press the following two buttons at the same time:

Power On / Off button
Home button

This key combination must now be pressed and held simultaneously for about 2 seconds. Subsequently, the screenshot is triggered and the image is saved.

2. Lift the screenshot on Samsung Galaxy S6 by swiping the screen - complicated method

To record on your Samsung Galaxy S6 a screenshot using the "Palm Swipe to capture" function, you must enable it first in the settings of Android Lollipop. Navigate from the Home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 to:

App Menu --> Settings --> Motions and gestures --> Palm swipe to capture

Activate the option by the controller at the top right. Now you can take a screenshot by wiping the edge of the hand over the entire display.

3. Take a screenshot with the Wizards menu of the Samsung Galaxy S 6 - simple method

You can also easily create a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 by the Assistant menu. The Assistant menu is always displayed on the screen when activated. With it you can simply trigger a screenshot by touching the screen. To activate the Assistant menu on the Samsung Galaxy S6, please open the following submenu:

Home Screen --> Menu --> Settings --> Accessibility --> Dexterity and Interaction --> Assistant menu

Now enable this assistance tool via the control handle on the top right. It will now appear a small gray square on the display. If your tapping this now, then different options will appear. One of them is called "screenshot". If you are tapping this field within the Assistant menu, then a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 is taken of the currently displayed screen content.

You have now met three different methods, how to record on the new Samsung Galaxy S6 a screenshot. The screenshot is saved for all three methods in the gallery. Here are a new folder "Screenshot" will automatically be created.

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