Samsung Galaxy S6 How to create folder in the app menu - Solved

If you have many apps installed on your Samsung Galaxy S6 or imported from your old phone, then they are simply shown in the app menu in the order in which you downloaded them. To bring some order back into the app menu, we recommend you to create folders for your apps. So apps with the same contents can be moved to a single folder.

If you want to know how you can create a folder in the app menu on the Samsung Galaxy S6, then we would like to explain it here in more detail:

For this purpose, open the app menu. To create a folder perform the following action:

Tap at the top right on "Edit". You find yourself now in the “Edit mode”, in which the creation of folders is possible.

Tap now on an app and hold on it until it hovers. Lay this app now on the top of another app, until to a blue frame appears around it. Release the app now and you have successfully created a folder (content: the two apps that were superimposed). You can even assign a folder name now. Finished!

You have now learned how to create folders on the Samsung Galaxy S6 within in the app menu


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