Samsung Galaxy S6 How to disable Fast charging - Solved

On the Samsung Galaxy S6 with Android Marshmallow there is now a new option if the smartphone becomes too hot during charging. The option is called "fast charging cable". Thus you can control whether your Samsung Galaxy S6 is charged quickly or slowly.

Samsung Galaxy S6

  • Fast charging means that a higher charging current flows -> The Samsung Galaxy S6 housing can become hot during charging
  • Slow charging means that a lower charging current -> the smartphone stays cold, the charging takes longer

Here we show you how to turn on/ off fast charging via cable on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Navigate from the home screen on the app menu --> settings --> battery

Scroll in this menu a little way down until you can see the following option: "fast charging cable"

If you disable this button now, then your Samsung Galaxy S6 is no longer fast charged and does not become hot. You have now learned how to turn off fast charging in Android Marshmallow on the Samsung Galaxy S6.



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