Samsung Galaxy S6 How to disable the Notification LED completely – Solved

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is equipped with a notification LED, which glows for example during the charging process or the receipt of messages, missed calls, etc. Using the LED of Samsung Galaxy S6 can be detected very quickly, what kind of notification has been received. Perhaps there are some of you who want to turn off the Notification-LED on the Samsung Galaxy S6. If so, then we will tell you here, where you can find in Android the appropriate setting.

Open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the Settings. Tap here now on the menu item "Sound &Notifications".

If you scroll in this sub-menu all the way down, then you will find the option "LED indicator". This can now be completely disabled by the slider.

You have heard right! Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to disable individual notification types for the LED on the Samsung Galaxy S6. This attitude has not implemented during the streamlining of TouchWizby Samsung. So you can now use the LED either full or even not at all. We hope that this will be possible again with the next firmware update, as many of you want to disable only the LED indicator for charging.

Should there be a change here, then you can find it out on Solvemix.

You know now how to completely turn off the LED indicator on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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