Samsung Galaxy S6 How to end Safe Mode - Solved

If you have activated the safe mode on your Samsung Galaxy S 6 is activated, you can end this of course again. There are two options:

1. Use the Status Bar to disable the Safe Mode

Pull down the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S6 and then tap the button "Safe Mode" to disable it. Your Smartphone then performs a restart, which will boot the Samsung Galaxy S6 normal again.

2. Restart the Samsung Galaxy S6

Alternatively, you can turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 equal and reboot it again.

If the Safe Mode continues to appear on your Samsung Galaxy S6 after you restarts your Smartphone and Android, then it could be that your volume down button is stuck. Check if dust blocks the Volume down button and clean this area if necessary.

We hope that you were able to exit Safe Mode on your Samsung Galaxy S6 with the tips above.


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